H & H Aero, Inc.'s primary products are jet engine components for commercial and military aircraft. Additional, non engine, component parts are manufactured for the domestic aircraft industry as well. These components are sold directly to the aircraft industries "tier one" manufacturers. The H & H Aero, Inc. also makes parts for vibration dampening of numerous avionics systems.

Today H & H Aero, Inc. has been honored with opportunity to be included in a select few of suppliers that participate in Parker Aerospace Part per Million quality programs and is recognized in the industry as a leading quality supplier in close tolerance component parts manufactured from High temperature aerospace materials. This recognition has positioned H&H Aero for growth into advanced technologies serving a larger aerospace customer base.

  • Rapid Prototypes


    Advanced Cad/Cam software, experienced engineers, and highly trained operators means we deliver defect free parts in the quickest way possible.

  • Advanced Equipment


    H&H Aero has made significant investments in the latest machine tool technology and will continue to use the most advanced equipment in our industry.

  • Engineering


    Advanced planning within the H&H Aero engineering services group leads to a process emphasizing “cost out and quality in."

  • Software


    State of the art software allows our team to calculate and program precise feeds, speeds, and cutter paths to minimize cycle times while maintaining high quality standards.