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  • Meet strict guidelines for products with robust product data management solutions.
  • Improve lead times and reduce waste through implementation of lean strategies.
  • Automate the compliance process and meet the requirements of ISO/AS9001 using Epicor's comprehensive quality management solution.
  • Improve estimating with exceptional quoting capabilities utilizing aerospace manufacturing software.
  • Manage bids and control costs on a project basis in to secure new contracts and deliver as planned.
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Edgecam (EDM module, mill module, turn module and drawing module) software allows our engineering staff to calculate and program precise feeds, speeds, and cutter paths to minimize cycle times while maintaining high quality standards. The software allows ease in design of fixtures, cutting tools and import and export of customer drawings. The ability to program and calculate cycle time allows accuracy in the quotation process and ability to work with customers on cost containment and design change for continuous improvement in quality and cost.

Edgecam solutions combine the power of sophisticated toolpath generation with seamless CAD integration. Used globally within a multitude of industries, Edgecam consistently produces the best tool paths to ultimately improve productivity.

A simple 2D or complex 5-axis part can be resolved with ease whether it is milled, turned or a combination of the two, Edgecam quickly recognizes features to generate accurate NC code.